Plasma Boy's Various Electric Vehicles 
Highlight for Album: Blue Meanie
Album: Blue Meanie

Plasma Boy's 156V, Optima/Zilla powered street burner. At just 2340 lbs. it rips to 60 mph in ~ 6 seconds and pegs its 100 mph speedo! A 204V Exide Orbital powered upgrade is in the works that will ratchet up the performance to a higher degree. Blue Meanie is the world's only 'soundoff' competition audio electric car, with a sound system that sports a quad 8 subwoofer array.
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Highlight for Album: White Zombie
Album: White Zombie

White Zombie is curently, the world's quickest street legal electric door slammer (per NEDRA) and holds both the class SC/B record and the class SC/A record. Powered by 20 Exide Orbitals at 240V, it ran the quarter mile in 12.99 @ 101.18 mph. Powered at 348V courtesy of 29 Hawker Aerobatteries and with an updated Zilla Z2K 2000 amp controller, it ran its best ET of 12.151 @ 106.25 mph. The current version now runs at 360V with 30 Aerobatteries.
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Highlight for Album: The Heavy Metal Garden Tractor
Album: The Heavy Metal Garden Tractor

Powered by 6 Exide Orbital BlueTop deep cycle batteries, this 36V electric garden tractor features a 144 watt CD audio system with an 8 inch subwoofer and 10 disc CD changer.
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Highlight for Album: Purple Phaze Project
Album: Purple Phaze Project

Wanna see a BIG motor? Notice the size of this thing next to my service truck's toolboxes!
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